HR – r u aware of the H side of your R?

Dear HR managers of this planet,

I’m dying to see you acknowledge the HUMAN side of all these RESOURCES you keep hiring and firing as if they were sheep.

Humans are not disposable.

Humans are not replaceable.

You do not own them.

Each life is unique.

You treat them like objects and that’s precisely why those who work for you DON’T RESPECT YOU.

Do you sleep well at night knowing that all those souls sincerely DESPISE you?

I hope to live long enough to see it all collapse under its own weight: all the corporations, multinationals, big companies and all the filthy pyramid made of pure bullshit wrapped in a shiny profit.

Because it will collapse eventually.

You know that,right? Shh, can you hear it? It’s coming.

Love and peace,

The AntiCorporateBitch (I’ll sign my future posts as ACB, so you know what it stands for; you corporate bitches just loooooove acronyms dontcha)



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